Frequently Asked Questions

Give Roof Pro 360 a call and one of our trained insurance professionals will guide you through the process

Here at Roof Pro 360 we offer free roof evaluations to determine how extensive the damage is, and what the best option for you will be.Depending on the severity of the damage, we may recommend a repair or a full replacement. 

Since everyone’s home is different, the best way to get an accurate estimate is to simply call and set up a free estimate. We will provide you a quote at no cost, and with no obligation. Know that every aspect of your home, like shape, size, and location, will affect the price of your new roof, as will the material you choose.

When you’re trying to determine how healthy your roof is, the first thing to note is its age. An asphalt roof that’s older than 20 years is overdue for replacement.

Installed our new roof in September 2007. Very helpful and professional in getting it installed and cleaned up very quickly. After the wind storm on 9/14/2008 we checked the roof and to our delight found not a single shingle lifted or out of place! It still looks awesome! I highly recommend
Bonnie K